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Does your child have concerns with:

  • Sounding out words, blending sounds, reading whole words, forgetting quickly what a word is
  • Reading accurately, smoothly and with expression
  • Understanding what is read; analysing, interpreting and making sense of text

Written Expression

Does your child have concerns with:

  • Spelling, spelling the same word in different ways, reversing letters
  • Punctuation and capitalization
  • Difficulty generating ideas, may only be able to write a single sentence
  • Organizing ideas; written work appears to lack flow or structure
  • Writes slowly or has difficulty editing and revising


Does your child have concerns with:

  • Basic number automaticity
  • Problem solving
  • Understanding practical applications of math

Cognitive and Behavioural Concerns

Does your child have concerns with:

  • Losing attention when engaged in non-preferred tasks
  • Fidgeting at home or school
  • Easily forgetting what has been learnt or directions that have been given
  • Appearing to take longer to understand verbal directions at home and/or school
  • Needing to use fingers or concrete aids to help when counting or adding
  • Struggling with the physical nature of writing
  • Struggling with learning and social relationships
  • Difficulties managing emotions, or behavior
  • Underachieving at school

Intellectual Disability

Does your child have concerns with:

  • Delays in cognitive development
  • Difficulty with independence expected for their age in areas such as self-care, communication and self-direction
  • Not meeting developmental milestones
If you are unsure, please contact the practice for a chat. No referral is required.

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